Welcome to Restoring Harmony, LLC!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the website of Restoring Harmony, LLC. I’m so glad you stopped by.¬†Restoring Harmony is my newest project and I’d like to introduce myself and it to you all.

First, a little about me. My name is Eryn Grupido and I’m a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner in the state of Michigan. I’ve been working in the massage industry since 2014 and have finally decided to make the leap into my own practice! I’m hoping that I will be able to serve my clients better as an independent practitioner, with less rush to just give a massage and more time to work with what it is they, or you, need in each session.

Before joining the massage industry I worked as an ecologist and have my B.S. in the field of applied ecology. That being said, it is my belief that our bodies are our very own ecosystem, the garden of your own life, and need all the care and tending that you would put into a garden if you wanted it to bloom beautiful flowers and grow delicious vegetables.¬† That’s our lives, we are the flowers, the vegetables, the trees, and we all have something we want to work on, produce, accomplish. To do so you need to keep your number one tool to achieve in the best condition it can be – your body.

Restoring Harmony is my private practice designed to help you work on doing just that. I offer massage and energy therapies that are meant to restore tense muscles and lift your spirits up. If you’re finding yourself sore and worn down from daily life but want to keep moving, keep achieving, than these therapies are for you. I will do my best to help you improve your range of motion, relieve your stress, and just add in a general boost of happiness!

I also work with many clients that suffer from chronic illness and know that a massage is not the cure all for every ache and pain you may have. If you are suffering from more than the regular wear and tear of daily life, I ask that you seek guidance from your doctor or physical therapist in addition to any therapy you may receive.

I’ll be posting regularly on here about all things massage and energy work related as well as any specials that are on offer for services. So check back in to see what’s up!

Have a blessed day.


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